Test Your SSO Integration with Okta Demo Credentials

Testing SSO connections inside WorkOS is now easier and faster. We've improved the demo credential experience for Okta, the most popular identity provider amongst WorkOS customers.

Testing SSO for your application used to be a complicated process. You would need to create a test account for each of several different identity providers (IdPs) and run through the SSO flow for each IdP, which was time consuming and expensive. Alternately, you could  test the login flow in production, which ran the risk of having to troubleshoot with customers.

Both of these scenarios are suboptimal and something that the demo credential experience within WorkOS is built to simplify.

We recently shipped UX improvements to the demo credential experience for Okta, the most popular identity provider amongst WorkOS customers, so that it’s easier and faster for developers to confirm that their SSO flow works properly. Read on for more details, or log in to the WorkOS dashboard to see the new experience in action. 

A streamlined demo credential experience  

Instead of bouncing between different workflows to test the SSO integration, it’s now possible to provision and use demo credentials within the Configuration section of the dashboard in just a few clicks. Previously, the steps were shown on different pages, which made following the process difficult.  

We’re able to offer demo credentials because we build and maintain an Okta test app in our Okta developer environment. You can use the credentials provided to simulate your customer’s experience and confirm that your SSO flow works for Okta, so you can have confidence before shipping to production.

How to use the demo credentials after integrating SSO

After adding SSO to your app, visit the Configurations page in the Dashboard and click the Demo Credentials tab. From this tab, generate a demo account and copy the username and password.

Provisioning Okta demo credentials in the WorkOS Dashboard

Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to set up your redirect URL, which is where your enterprise user (and in this case, you as the tester) will be redirected to after logging in. 

Adding a redirect URI in the WorkOS Dashboard

To finish, launch the login page for your application and use the demo credentials to log in. If the integration was set up successfully, you’ll be sent to your application after successfully logging in with the Okta demo credentials. 

Testing demo credentials in Okta

Tell us how to make the SSO integration process better

This feature is available inside the Configuration page of the WorkOS dashboard. For full directions on adding SSO to your app, navigate to our documentation page and follow along in your preferred programming language. 

We would also love your input on additional ways to improve your experience with WorkOS. Send us a ping at [email protected] or shoot us a note in our shared Slack channel if you have any feedback to share. 

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