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WorkOS makes use of Cloudflare to ensure security and reliability of all operations. If you are looking to create a list of allowed IP addresses for incoming requests, you can use the IP Ranges listed in the Cloudflare documentation.

Depending on your network architecture, you may need to allow incoming traffic from

WorkOS currently cannot guarantee that webhook traffic will originate from a static set of IP addresses.

When a directory is first linked and synced, will we recieve dsync.user.created webhooks for all users in that directory?

Yes, during the initial sync of any directory, you will receive dsync.user.created for all existing users in the directory.

When new required custom attributes are added in the WorkOS Dashboard settings, are existing directories required to update the attribute mapping to include this new attribute?

No, when you add a new required custom attribute to your settings, this won’t be retroactively required for directories that have already been set up and configured. However, in the WorkOS Dashboard, you will be able to navigate directly to the existing directory and fill in details for those attributes manually.

Can our customers add their own custom attributes (outside of what we have defined in the WorkOS Dashboard settings) when setting up their directory?

We do not currently support this functionality, as you have to define any custom attributes in the Dashboard first.