Rippling Directory Sync

Learn about syncing your user list with Rippling


Rippling Directory Sync is not yet generally available. If you'd like preview access, please contact us.

This guide outlines how to synchronize your application's Rippling directories.

To synchronize an Enterprise's users and groups provisioned for your application, you'll need the following information from the Enterprise:

  • Rippling API key

Creating an API key

The Enterprise will need to create an API key for you. An API key can be generated from the Company Settings menu.

When prompted for permissions, WorkOS will require at least the following permissions:

  • Company Teams
  • Company Departments
  • Employee First name, last name
  • Employee Department
  • Read Employee Department Id
  • Employee Teams
  • Employee Work Email

Any other information needed by your application may require additional permissions.

Create your Directory Sync Connection

Click "Add new Connection".

Input your Enterprise's name and domain, and select "Rippling" from the dropdown.

Then, click "Create directory".

Setup your Directory Sync Connection

Input your Enterprise's Rippling API Key.

Then, click "Update Connection".

Assign users and groups to your application

Now, whenever your Enterprise customer assigns users or groups to your application, you'll receive Dashboard updates based on changes in their directory.