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Use WorkOS to Integrate with Google

WorkOS allows you to seamlessly integrate with Google, providing your application with support for the the most commonly requested enterprise features.

Don't Let Enterprise Adoption Be an Afterthought

These simple integrations grant you access to the Enterprise market by meeting the same compliance requirements IT administrators must adhere to. Empower your clients, transform your onboarding, and watch how quickly your product becomes adopted by new Enterprise users.

Easy Integration with Native SDKs

Add support for Google using one of our native SDKs. Do in hours what would normally require weeks. Our friendly SDKs and clean APIs make integrating a breeze. For example, integrating with Node is as easy as this.


import WorkOS from '@workos-inc/node';

const client = new WorkOS('WORKOS_API_SECRET_KEY');
const projectID = 'PROJECT_ID';
const redirectURI = 'REDIRECT_URI';
const domain = ''; // Hardcode this for now; you'll need to get this from a user

app.get('/login', (_req, res) => {
  const url = client.sso.getAuthorizationURL({


app.get('/callback', async (req, res) => {
  const { code } = req.query;
  const profile = await client.sso.getProfile({


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