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BambooHR Directory Sync

Learn about syncing your user list with BambooHR


This guide outlines how to synchronize your application's BambooHR directories.

To synchronize an Enterprise's users and groups provisioned for your application, you'll need the following information from the Enterprise:

  • The BambooHR subdomain.
  • A BambooHR API key to authenticate requests.

Set up your directory sync connectionLink

Login to your WorkOS Dashboard and select "Organizations" from the left hand navigation bar.

Select the organization you'll be configuring a new Directory Sync Connection with.

Click "Add Directory".

Input the Company Name, Domain, and select "BambooHR" as the directory type.

Click the "Create Connection" button.

You will now see your BambooHR directory sync has created successfully with an Endpoint, as well as fields to input your subdomain and API Key from BambooHR.

Retrieve the details from an Enterprise IT AdminLink

To generate an API key, an IT Admin should log in and click their name in the upper right-hand corner of the BambooHR console.

Next, the IT Admin should click "Add New Key".

Enter the details in the Directory's detail pageLink

There are two fields to enter, one is the API key you created in step 2.

The other is 'Subdomain' which is the subdomain name of the Company's BambooHR instance.

Once entered, Click "Update Directory".

Assign users and groups to your applicationLink

When the connection is successfully made, you will see the green 'Linked' icon appear.

Click on the 'Users' tab and now, whenever your Enterprise customer assigns users or groups to your application, you'll receive Dashboard updates based on changes in their directory.