Enabling equal access to the enterprise market

WorkOS is dedicated to helping every software company become enterprise ready. We believe that any software company can have their apps embraced by the biggest enterprises on the planet.

The web unlocked equal distribution.
WorkOS unlocks equal access.

Established 2019

WorkOS was founded in 2019 by Michael Grinich, who saw just how critical satisfying the complex needs of enterprises is to creating sustainable, long-term growth for software companies.

With that realization, WorkOS was born.


Enterprise Chasm

We presented a formula to transition from a self-serve to an Enterprise Ready business


Public Launch

Our API for Single Sign-On and Directory Sync launched

Admin Portal

We launched an out-of-the-box solution for enterprise IT admins


Series A

We announced our Series A of $15m led by Lachy Groom

Carbon Neutral

We officially became
Carbon Neutral


Series B

We announced our Series B financing of $80m led by Greenoaks

Meet our team

WorkOS is a team of builders dedicated to spreading developer joy.

The modern API for
auth & user identity

WorkOS is a modern API platform that empowers any developer to quickly build and ship complex enterprise features: User Management, Single Sign-On (SAML), Directory Sync (SCIM), and Admin Portal (enterprise onboarding).

WorkOS accelerates SaaS companies in their journey to become Enterprise Ready, so their app has all the features to be adopted ‘wall-to-wall’ in a large organization.

Our customers win. Their customers win.

Watch: Crossing the Enterprise Chasm

What happens if you don’t become enterprise-ready?

Powered by WorkOS

With our in-house solution we had to spend 2-4 hours provisioning each SSO connection. I wanted to find a solution that would allow us to focus on building core-products.
Jarel Fryer
Engineering Manager
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​​If you work with another provider, you probably won’t get the same level of support that WorkOS provides. We'd get immediate responses to technical questions we posted in Slack.
Hannah Han-Ciaravella
Senior Product Manager
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The decision to use WorkOS was straightforward. We saw good feedback from existing customers and reviewing the documentation made us confident that our needs would be addressed.
Chris Lu
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SSO is a crucial part of our Enterprise Pro plan, and with WorkOS we could roll it out in less than a week. Docs are comprehensive, the Admin Portal has made customer onboarding a breeze, and the level of support we received directly in Slack has been phenomenal.
Dmitry Shevelenko
Chief Business Officer
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I think we could have done even more business if we had partnered with WorkOS earlier, it's been incredibly well received.
Guillermo Rauch
Founder & CEO
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Integrating was straightforward, pleasant, and fun. The team answered my questions quickly, and went above and beyond to help when I ran into issues.
Bryant Chou
Co-Founder & CTO
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WorkOS simplified the complexity of implementing single sign-on (SSO) with multiple identity providers.
Daniel Marashlian
Co-Founder & CTO
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WorkOS’ SCIM API has been a game-changer, enabling us to meet the user lifecycle management needs of our largest enterprise customers.
Dana Lawson
SVP, Engineering
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With WorkOS we got exactly what we needed, and the integration process was straightforward.
Dor Zimberg
Software Engineering Manager
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When I asked the team, how was the experience with WorkOS? They were just like, this is incredible.
Sam Lambert
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We did consider open source, but WorkOS provided a far superior developer experience.
Jeanne Thai
Product Manager
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With Audit Logs, we were able to launch the storage, querying, and export capabilities we needed into production in just a matter of days.
Pete Hamilton
Co-Founder & CTO
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We viewed WorkOS’ connections-based pricing as a more viable option aligned with our projected growth. The Admin Portal has also been a critical feature allowing us to save engineering time and provide a more polished enterprise experience.
Umar Azhar
Co-founder & CTO
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WorkOS was super easy to self serve and get up and running. It provided us super easy-to-implement must-have functionality out of the box.
Brennan Spellacy
Co-Founder & CEO
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