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WorkOS is free to get started and scales with you as you grow.

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Number of Single Sign-On or Directory Sync connections
A connection represents the relationship between WorkOS and any group of end users. Each enterprise customer that connects to your app with SSO or Directory Sync is counted as one connection.
No annual commitment
$125 per month
  • Free Magic Link authentication
  • Free Google & Microsoft OAuth
  • Admin Portal for enterprise IT users
  • Sandbox & production environments
  • 60 day onboarding support via Slack
Start building for free
Free to use in the sandbox environment
WorkOS Enterprise
Volume discounts available
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  • SSO / SAML sign-in to WorkOS
  • Dashboard SCIM + role mapping
  • Multiple environments
  • Custom branding on Admin Portal
  • Dedicated support via Slack + email
  • Custom contracts & invoicing
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Need a custom solution?

Our Enterprise plans are designed to fit your needs.

  • Volume discounts
  • Multi-year custom contracts
  • Guaranteed support response SLA
  • Contractual uptime guarantee
  • Invoice based billing

Batteries included.

WorkOS allows your app to easily connect to the services needed to support your next enterprise customer.

No credit card required

Single Sign-On

Integrate with any identity provider that supports SAML or OpenID Connect.

  • Use your existing database & user management
  • All major identity providers supported
  • Free Google and Microsoft OAuth
  • Integrates into your existing login UX / UI

Directory Sync

Add user lifecycle management from SCIM and HRIS providers.

  • Provision and de-provision users and groups
  • Supports all SCIM-based directories
  • Custom role mapping
  • Realtime updates with webhooks

Admin Portal

Enable IT admins to have a self-serve onboarding experience.

  • Generate private onboarding URLs
  • Up-to-date set up docs with screenshots
  • Supports all identity providers and directories
  • Custom domain and branding available

Audit Logs

Ingest and export audit log events from your applications.

  • Complete APIs for event ingestion + export
  • Self-serve UI for search, filtering, and exporting
  • Export events as a CSV file
  • Stream events to third party SIEM providers

Multi-Factor Authentication

Integrate with any identity provider that supports SAML or OpenID Connect.

  • Supports time-based one-time passcodes (TOTP)
  • Use SMS codes or authenticator apps
  • Customize SMS message templates
  • Works with any session strategy

Magic Link

Passwordless sign-in via emails with ephemeral magic links.

  • Generate secure ephemeral sign-in URLs
  • Customizable email templates
  • Use your existing email provider
  • Use your existing database and user management

Frequently asked questions

What's a connection?

A connection represents the relationship between WorkOS and any group of end users. Each enterprise customer you’ll be supporting SSO or Directory Sync is counted as one connection.

Does the number of end users affect pricing?

No, each connection at WorkOS is billed the same, regardless of the identity provider (IdP), directory service used, or the total number of end users.

Can I try WorkOS before paying for it?

WorkOS is free to get started and you don't even need to add a credit card until you move a connection from the Sandbox to the Production environment.

What's the difference between Sandbox and Production?

The Sandbox environment is made for testing your integrations, while the Production environment is built for live applications that use real customer data.

Can I use Admin Portal without customizing it?

Yes, Admin Portal is fully functional without customization and is included in the Pay-as-you-go plan. Reach out to us to enable customization as part of the Enterprise plan.

Are Magic Link and OAuth really free?

Yes, there's no catch here. We provide unlimited magic link email authentication and OAuth sign in (from Google and Microsoft) 100% free of charge.

Still have questions?

We can help can help with everything from technical best practices to plans and pricing.

Why WorkOS?

Expand your market

In the past, building for the enterprise was complex, time-consuming, and distracting from core features. Deals would slip away, perhaps forever, due to requirements from IT admins.

With WorkOS, you can immediately begin selling to enterprise customers and expand your market footprint.

Watch: Crossing the
Enterprise Chasm

What happens if you don’t become Enterprise Ready?

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