Flexible, fair pricing that scales with your usage and needs

Standard (Pay‑as‑you‑go)

✓  Free unlimited Google Sign-In
✓  Free unlimited Magic Link Emails

Single Sign-On (SSO/SAML)
✓  $49/mo for each SAML or OIDC connection
✓  Unlimited SSO users

Directory Sync
✓  $49/mo for each directory connection

Custom-branded Admin Portal
✓  $499 per month (flat fee)


Our enterprise plans are designed to fit your specific needs, with dedicated support, contractual uptime guarantees, and integration assistance.

✓  Guarantee support response SLA
✓  Contractual uptime guarantee
✓  Custom contract paperwork
✓  Dedicated infrastructure capacity

Volume discounts available beyond 50 enterprise connections. (Either SSO or Directory Sync)

Get started

Our team of Developer Success Engineers would be delighted to chat with you about WorkOS features and how to make your app enterprise-ready.

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