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Native SDKs:

WorkOS offers SDKs in most popular programming languages and frameworks, as well as a REST API for use in any language. Want to request an SDK in your preferred language? Let us know.

Enterprise adoption doesn't have to be an afterthought.

Audit Trails, Single Sign-On, and Directory sync are modern tools designed for the modern workplace. These tools are tranforming enterprises and their workflows. Distinguish your product by meeting industry standards out of the box with our suite of products. WorkOS encourages an incremental approach to instrumentation, and puts particular emphasis on swift, easy integration.

With Audit Trails, capture and store critical actions made by your users. These captured events are sent to our Developer Dashboard in real-time, where they can be analyzed and exported.

WorkOS Single Sign-On helps you quickly onboard Enterprise clients, reduce authentication errors and improve your application's security. We support Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google G Suite, and Active Directory Federation Services. With a single set of credentials, shift time away from password shuffling and focus instead on building a robust, secure IT infrastructure.

Directory sync enables you to directly integrate with the resource management tools of your Enterprise clients. As they onboard new users and allow access to user groups, your app will be notified of access changes and comply with changing rules as they happen.

These simple integrations grant you access to the Enterprise market by meeting the same compliance requirements IT administrators must adhere to. Empower your clients to effectively troubleshoot and respond in the case of issues like availability incidents, legal inquiries, and support tickets. Transform your onboarding with WorkOS, and watch how quickly your product becomes adopted by new users.

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