Unlocking growth: Hypercare’s migration from Auth0 to WorkOS

In search for a reliable solution for SCIM provisioning

Hypercare is an all-in-one healthcare coordination platform that facilitates seamless communications among doctors, nurses, and providers. From HIPAA-compliant messaging to on-call management and real-time scheduling, Hypercare provides efficient clinical communication and collaboration for all healthcare teams. 

As the company experienced accelerated growth, onboarding larger hospitals with thousands of users, they needed a reliable solution to support SCIM provisioning for users across their customer base. This started a search for a solution that could support integrations with all major identity providers while also being cost-effective and easy to implement. 

During their research, the team at Hypercare was impressed with how quickly they could set up a test environment with WorkOS Directory Sync. According to Umar Azhar, the co-founder and CTO of Hypercare, “one of the most impressive things about the Directory Sync product was the quality of the documentation. My team was able to create sample organizations, test out connections with Okta, and easily validate whether the workflow would fit our needs. All in all, it took just 2 weeks to deploy SCIM capabilities to our customers.” 

Another area of WorkOS that Azhar found extremely useful was the Admin Portal.

We were using Auth0 to support SSO, and the onboarding process for customers required lots of manual work. Our team had to write documentation, communicate with customers, and hop on more calls for troubleshooting.

While the team had expected a process just as cumbersome with Directory Sync, they were pleasantly surprised with a self-serve onboarding process the Admin Portal offered. This meant that the engineering team could save precious resources and focus on developing core products. 

Consolidating SSO and SCIM with WorkOS

Realizing the efficiency of the Admin Portal, Hypercare started to evaluate WorkOS for SSO as well. Vendor consolidation was a major consideration for Azhar and he described his ideal world as “not having to manage both platforms.” Although the engineering team was able to brute-force their way through the cumbersome SSO onboarding process, with the expected growth in enterprise customers, they understood that the existing solution was not scalable. 

The imminent Auth0 renewal was another factor driving the potential platform consolidation. “It was somewhat of a tight window, and we didn’t have the option to revert to a self-serve plan with Auth0 because the connection limit [for SSO] would get lowered to 3,” said Azhar. The team even considered continuing to use Auth0 for SSO and WorkOS only for Directory Sync connections but knew that was a temporary fix with the likelihood of introducing more complexity.

Ultimately, the team decided that the WorkOS’ pricing model offered better long-term scalability than Auth0’s model. “We weren’t in immediate danger of reaching Auth0’s MAU limit, but in the long run we knew usage with Auth0 would quickly grow out of control. We viewed WorkOS’ connections-based pricing as a more viable option aligned with our projected growth,” explained Azhar.

Besides pricing, we were also convinced that the Admin Portal was a critical feature that allowed us to save engineering time and provide a more polished enterprise experience.

Future outlook with WorkOS

Working closely with the WorkOS support team and engineers for a tailored migration plan, the team at Hypercare transferred SSO connections on a variety of IdPs, such as Okta, SAML, Google Workspace, Azure AD, ADFS, to WorkOS without impacting customer logins. The overall process of migrating existing connections and rolling out “The partnership with WorkOS has enabled us to meet the needs of our enterprise customers with more speed and efficiency. IT admins of our customers often describe the onboarding process for SSO and Directory Sync as delightful. Needless to say, WorkOS will continue to be an important part of our enterprise support.” said Azhar.


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WorkOS provides a single, elegant interface abstracting dozens of enterprise integrations.

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