Connect AD FS SAML

Learn how to configure a connection to Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)


Each SSO Identity Provider requires specific information to create and configure a new Connection. Often, the information required to create a Connection will differ by Identity Provider.

To create an AD FS SAML Connection, you'll need three pieces of information: an SP Metadata file, a Token Signature (X.509 Certificate), and an IdP SSO URL.


Configure a Relying Party Trust

Open the AD FS Management console.

Click “Relying Party Trusts” on the left sidebar.

Open the “AD FS Relying Party Trust Wizard” by clicking “Add Relying Party Trust...” on the right sidebar.

Select “Claims aware” and then “Start”.

Download the provided Metadata file from WorkOS.

Select “Import data about the relying party from a file,” then select the SP Metadata file you downloaded, then click “Next”.

Select “Permit everyone” and then “Next”.


Choose Access Policy

Click the “Endpoints” tab and confirm that the “SAML Assertion Consumer Endpoints” matches the URL below and click “Next”.

Confirm this URL matches the SAML Assertion Consumer Endpoint

Select “Configure claims issuance policy for this application” and “Close”.


Configure Claims Issuance Policy

Click “Add Rule” in the “Edit Claims Issuance Policy” window.

Select “Send LDAP Attributes as Claims” and then “Next”.

Submit “Attributes” as “Claim rule name:”

Select “Active Directory” as “Attribute Store”

Configure the following Attribute mappings:

Click “OK”.


Upload Token Signing Certificate

Click on Service > Certificates and select the “Token-signing” certificate and “View Certificate” in the right side bar.

Click the “Details” tab and then click “Copy to File” in the Certificate window.

Select “No, do not export the private key” then “Next”.

Select “Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)” then “Next”.

Specify a file name and finish exporting the public certificate.


Provide SAML 2.0 Endpoints

Select "Services > Endpoints" and locate the “SAML 2.0/WS-Federation” Endpoint.

Provide the IdP SSO URL. This URL is located at the SAML 2.0/WS-Federation Endpoint. For example:

Next Steps

And your configuration is complete! Check out a demo of how quick and easy it is to integrate AD FS SSO into your application after configuring your Connection.