August Product Updates

Some of the notable August releases were the Admin Portal email invite, SCIM setup validation flow, and support for Google Cloud Storage as a Log Streams destination. As we continue to innovate and improve our platform, we'll share a recap of important updates at the end of every month.

Admin Portal invite via email

Streamline an organization’s onboarding by inviting the IT admin directly to the WorkOS Admin Portal via secure email invites.

Learn more about the Admin Portal invite via email →

SCIM setup validation flow

Leverage extra validation steps that have been added for new SCIM directories prior to activation. Provide the organization's IT admin with more confidence in the connection and its data integrity. The process ensures that WorkOS receives the necessary data, including confirmation that the email attribute is passed through correctly, before an IT Admin proceeds to complete the setup in the Admin Portal.

Learn more about the SCIM setup validation flow →

Audit Logs Event Schema API

The Audit Logs API allows you to define Audit Logs event schema in code. While you can still define the schema in the WorkOS Dashboard, the Event Schema API provides more automation and reduces friction when integrating and adding new event types.

Learn more about the Audit Logs Event Schema API →

Directory events view

You can now view directory events from the WorkOS Dashboard. Investigate events in an organization’s directory with more granularity by applying filters such as date ranges and metadata. Navigate to an organization’s directory page to view the directory events tab.

Learn more about the directory events view →

Log Streams destination: Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage, along with Datadog, Splunk, and AWS S3, is now supported as a Log Streams destination. Stream Audit Logs directly from your application to an organization's Google Cloud instance. Admins can also configure Log Streams in the WorkOS Admin Portal.

Learn more about the Google Cloud Storage Log Streams destination →

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