WorkOS acquires Warrant

Today, we are excited to announce the acquisition of Warrant, the Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) service for developers. This is a major step in WorkOS’ vision to become the world’s best platform for identity, authentication, and authorization.

Today we are thrilled to announce that WorkOS has acquired Warrant, the Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) service.

FGA allows developers to implement precise access controls within their applications, ensuring robust security and data compliance. In other words, it determines who has access to what and what they can do within an app. Warrant’s product is based on a groundbreaking authorization system called Zanzibar, which was originally designed by Google to power Google Docs and YouTube. This enables fast authorization checks at enormous scale while maintaining a flexible model that can be adapted to even the most complex use cases.

The Warrant authorization system is open source, allowing anyone to run it themselves. Developers can alternatively use Warrant’s highly-available cloud version. For the most demanding applications, Warrant provides an “edge-agent” service that enables permission checks to happen entirely locally without a network request. This is a key reason why Warrant is the most flexible — and therefore the most powerful — authorization solution on the market today.

Warrant was founded 3 years ago and serves millions of requests each day for developers around the world. Over the coming months, we plan to integrate Warrant’s FGA technology into WorkOS alongside existing products such as enterprise Single Sign-On (SAML), Directory Sync (SCIM), User Management (CIAM), and Audit Logs (SIEM). If you are currently looking to build Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) or Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) in your app, please reach out for access to the preview release.

We are incredibly excited to join forces with Warrant and continue providing the best platform for identity, authentication, and authorization. We are just getting started!

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