Improved experience in Admin Portal

November 10, 2022

Recently we’ve been introducing a suite of improvements to the Admin Portal experience. These changes will build upon the first-in-class self-service configuration flows that we offer.

  • Persisting changes between Admin Portal sessions. If users of the Admin Portal need multiple visits to complete their configuration — or if they need to continue on another computer — they will come back exactly where they left off.
  • Navigation improvements. More than just a sweet new look, the Admin Portal’s new sidebar makes it a snap to navigate through the configuration steps of the Admin Portal and get back to your furthest progress. No more losing track of where you were.
  • Feedback. Our Admin Portal instructions are constantly evolving to be as up to date and accurate as possible. In the unlikely event that a user encounters an error in our documentation it’s now easy to report it right from the Admin Portal itself.

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