Introducing the new Audit Logs API

September 13, 2022

Audit Logs are a collection of events that contain information relevant to notable actions taken by users in your application. Every event in the collection contains details regarding what kind of action was taken (action), who performed the action (actor), what resources were affected by the action (targets), and additional details of when and where the action took place.

These events are similar to application logs and analytic events, but are fundamentally different in their intent. They aren’t typically used for active monitoring/alerting, rather they exist as a paper trail of potentially sensitive actions taken by members of an organization for compliance and security reasons.

Using the JSON schema editor, you can enforce strongly-typed metadata to ensure your app is sending consistently structured and valid event data into your audit log.

Check out the new Audit Logs feature page, follow the quick start documentation, and watch the presentation from our recent Spring Release Event to find out more.

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