Introducing Test SSO, an easier way to integrate SSO into your app

Test SSO enables developers to perform rigorous end-to-end testing for the SSO integration without having to sign up with an identity provider.

We recently launched Test SSO, which makes it easier than ever for developers to write robust single sign-on (SSO) integrations. Test SSO covers all SSO flows, even those that were previously easy to overlook during testing.

From the beginning, WorkOS has prioritized delivering a seamless product experience. Integrating SSO, for instance, typically requires only a few lines of code. However, there is an exception to this simplicity: dealing with third party identity providers (IdPs).

Previously, testing SSO flows required configuring a third-party IdP, which can be tedious for developers unfamiliar with how IdPs work. This process involved signing up for an account with an IdP, setting up test users, creating a SAML app, and assigning users to it. With Test SSO, all these steps are no longer necessary.

WorkOS staging environments now come with a test organization configured with the WorkOS Test Identity Provider. Without any setup required, developers can “sign-in” to the WorkOS Test Identity Provider as a test user by entering an email address and a first and last name. This enables seamless end-to-end testing of their app’s SSO integration without a third party IdP.

In addition, to help developers understand which SSO flows and error conditions need to be considered when integrating with WorkOS, we’ve added the Test SSO page in the Developer section of the WorkOS dashboard. Here you’ll find a list of scenarios with explanations and instructions for testing. Many of these scenarios can now be tested with just a click of a button.

We've learned from customer feedback that developers may not realize that SSO can be initiated from the identity provider, and as a result, the IdP-initiated flow can go untested before production. To address this, we've surfaced IdP-initiated SSO as a key scenario to test via Test SSO. This simplified testing flow enables developers to detect and resolve issues earlier in the development process.

Test SSO and the WorkOS Test Identity Provider are compatible with both the standalone SSO API and User Management and AuthKit. If you’d like to learn more about Test SSO, check out the demo below.

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