Launch Week Day 3: Stream WorkOS events to Datadog

The new Datadog integration now lets you stream WorkOS events and generate comprehensive reports of all end-user logins, offering improved monitoring and debugging.

Within WorkOS, there is a ton of information that exists about your users, organizations, sessions, and authentication events. While the dashboard does most of the heavy lifting to surface that data, sometimes it is necessary to stream all of this information to a monitoring tool for additional analysis and debugging.

Observability is a critical requirement for many organizations, which is why we’ve created a Datadog integration for streaming WorkOS events. It requires minimal setup and makes the WorkOS API feel like an extension of your code. The integration is now available to all WorkOS users at no additional cost.

Troubleshoot and debug all in one place

Imagine a scenario where your user can’t log in, but the error they are getting is a generic “contact your administrator” to not expose any info. With this new integration, you can incorporate WorkOS API events into your Datadog instance and easily check whether everything is healthy. Your engineering team can debug exactly what is happening by combining your own logs and WorkOS logs in Datadog.

Datadog excels at generating custom reports on a large corpus of data, and that just gets better with the WorkOS integration. This integration enables you to generate comprehensive reports of all end-user logins, offering your customers complete visibility into their end-users' activities.

Enabling streaming to Datadog

What makes it even better is that you can set it up in less than 2 minutes. 

It’s a no-code flow, requiring only your Datadog API key and region on the WorkOS side plus uploading a JSON file to Datadog. See our docs for more information on how to turn this on immediately.

Coming soon

We’re not done yet with improving observability. In the coming months we plan to support other popular logging providers. Additionally we will add support for event gateways such as AWS EventBridge, Azure Event Grid, and Hookdeck. 

If you don’t see your favorite log provider like New Relic and Splunk, don’t worry, we’re adding those too.

Is your event gateway of choice not mentioned? Let us know!

Finally, we’ll be adding more graphs, metrics and insights to the Datadog dashboard from other WorkOS products like Directory Sync and Audit Logs. Stay tuned for more information.

That’s day three of Launch Week, check back in tomorrow to see how we are meeting JavaScript developers where they are.

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