WorkOS 2022 Fall Release

Log Streams, Admin Portal Custom Branding, Auto-mapped Directory Sync Custom Attributes, and more! Learn about all of the latest features and product updates we've added to the WorkOS platform in Q4.

We’ve shipped a lot of exciting new updates to the WorkOS platform during the last quarter of 2022! Here’s a summary of everything we’ve released so far:

Log Streams

In our last Summer Release we announced Audit Logs which enables you to record changes to important resources in your application. Once recorded, your customers can search, view, and export these events for their compliance and security needs.

Some of your customers may already be using Security and Incident Event Management (SIEM) platforms to persist log events across all of the cloud services they use. These customers may prefer to stream audit log events from your application directly to their SIEM platform.

Available today, Log Streams enables you to do just that with support for Datadog, Splunk, or S3. Check out the following video for a tour of this feature with one of our engineers, Rob Frampton:

Admin Portal Custom Branding

The Admin Portal is an incredibly powerful tool that empowers your customers to onboard Single Sign-On, Directory Sync, or Audit Logs with ease by avoiding back and forth support requests. In addition to greatly simplifying onboarding, WorkOS enables you to customize this experience for your customers by branding the Admin Portal with your product’s logo, favicon, and color.

Customizing these properties will further integrate WorkOS into your product, creating an experience that feels native to your customers when configuring connections to your app’s Enterprise Ready features.

Admin Portal Custom Branding

Available today, you can now edit these attributes directly from the WorkOS Dashboard. If you would like to start using custom branding, reach out to a developer success engineer, who will be able to add it to your team’s plan. Then you will be able to start customizing the Admin Portal experience from the WorkOS Dashboard.

Take a look at the following video for a tour of these new capabilities:

New Integrations

We’ve recently added support for Cezanne HR through the WorkOS Directory Sync integration and Admin Portal. Check out the Cezanne HR documentation for instructions on how to set up the directory.

New Integration: Cezanne HR

Auto-mapped Directory Sync Custom Attributes

We have enhanced Directory Sync custom attributes to automatically populate common fields across different providers.

Edit Auto-mapped Attributes

You can simply opt in to attributes you want to receive in the WorkOS dashboard to start receiving these common attributes without any additional configuration from your customers.

Watch a video demonstration of this new functionality:

Final thoughts

This quarter has been packed with a lot of awesome new updates! We look forward to launching more things next quarter.‍

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