Directory Sync Overview

Learn how Directory Sync can facilitate seamless user management within your app.

User and Resource Management

Enterprises work with Directory Providers to ensure that they can easily manage user access to resources. This helps with provisioning and deprovisioning their employees, creating group based rules around resource access, and adopting new tools. Directory sync allows you to connect with their Directory Providers to inform your application to any changes in their users, groups, or access rules.

Directory Providers and Protocols

Directory Providers and their implementation protocols can vary by provider and Enterprise Client. The System for Cross-domain Identity Managment (SCIM) is a more commonly used protocol, but some Enterprises may use other protocols, such as Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML).

Using WorkOS Directory Sync, one integration grants your application the ability to support multiple Directory Providers. Get real time updates of any changes to your Enterprise Client's access rules and users by integrating webhooks into your application.

Read about Webhooks with our Integration guide.