April Updates

GitHub secret scanning partnership, API endpoints for user auth methods and IdP identifiers, and Perplexity Enterprise Pro for all customers

GitHub secret scanning partnership

We’ve partnered with GitHub to support scanning for leaked WorkOS secrets exposed in public repositories and packages. WorkOS will immediately notify developers when a leaked secret is detected in a GitHub repository, enabling quick remediation.

Learn how to be more vigilant with leaked secrets →

Specify landing page when generating an authorization URL

Developers can now use the screen_hint parameter when generating an authorization URL to direct users to either the sign-in or sign-up screen in AuthKit. This enhancement offers more control over authentication flows in the developer’s application.

Learn more about the enhanced authentication flow →

Retrieve external IdP identifiers of a user

Developers can use a new API endpoint to retrieve identifiers of a user from external identity providers. At the moment, we support Microsoft, GitHub, and Google OAuth providers.

Learn more about the new API endpoint →

Google Groups filtering in the Dashboard

The WorkOS Dashboard now allows configuration of group syncing for Google Workspace Directories. This provides additional flexibility to users that want to make changes after the initial Directory Sync setup.

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Authentication method now included in authenticate response

The response to the User Management authenticate endpoint now includes information about the authentication method of a user. This is useful for adjusting logic based on the user's authentication method, such as GitHub OAuth, SSO, or password.

Learn how to add user’s authentication method →

Special offer for all WorkOS customers: Perplexity Enterprise Pro

Perplexity Enterprise Pro is now available for free to all WorkOS customers for 3 months. Usage is limited to 10 seats per organization.

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