October Product Updates

Events page for advanced workflow debugging, Automatic volume discounts, Custom domains for Admin Portal invites, Secure user state management flow

Events page for advanced workflow debugging

The Events page provides an advanced workflow for debugging scenarios when configuring integrations. Developers can efficiently filter and view event data on a dedicated page, which includes payload information, emitted webhooks for specific events, and associated metadata.

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Automatic volume discounts

For SSO and Directory Sync, discounted pricing (20%, 36%, 48%) is now applied when connection thresholds are met. The pricing model is designed for transparency and lower unit costs with scale.

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Custom domains for Admin Portal invites

To provide a seamless onboarding experience with consistent branding, developers can now use their own domains when sending Admin Portal invite emails to organizations.

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Secure user state management flow

User provisioning categorizes users from various providers as "active," "inactive," or "suspended," but handling the "inactive" and "suspended" users poses challenges due to distinct security requirements. For all new environments, WorkOS will default to deleting these users for cleaner and more secure data​, triggering a user.deleted webhook to avoid retaining unnecessary user information.

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