September Product Updates

New updates: 99.99% uptime guarantee, Events API, Audit Logs retention period API, and Directory Sync group membership consolidation.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We are now providing 99.99% availability for all customers using SSO, Directory Sync, and Audit Logs. Enterprise customers in particular will benefit from the contractually guaranteed uptime as specified in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Learn more about the latest service level agreement (SLA) updates →

Events API

Events are actions that occur within WorkOS, identity, and directory providers. The Events API allows your app to interface with WorkOS and retrieve events more securely and efficiently.

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Audit Logs Retention Period API

Audit Log retention periods for an organization can now be modified via the Audit Logs API. By default, logs are retained for 30 days. Customers interested in offering Audit Log retention periods for longer, as part of an enterprise package for example, can extend the period to 365 days with an API call.

Learn more about the Audit Logs retention period API →

Consolidating Group Membership Fragmentation in Directory Sync

Identity providers implement the SCIM protocol differently, leading to potential vulnerabilities. WorkOS now mitigates this with a standardized, security-first approach to handling group membership events​​ like deactivation, suspension, and reactivation. All users that are updated to “suspended” state will now result in a deletion of that user’s group memberships.

Learn more about consolidating group membership fragmentation in Directory Sync →

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