Example Apps

View sample applications for each of WorkOS' SDKs.


WorkOS provides example applications for each of our SDKs to help developers create proof of concept applications faster than ever. Each of our example applications includes a detailed readme to assist with setup.

Single Sign-On Example Apps

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables authentication via an organization's Identity Provider (IdP), such as Google Workspace or Okta, as opposed to users or IT admins managing hundreds, if not thousands, of usernames and passwords.

View our SSO sample applications on GitHub:

Directory Sync Example Apps

Directories enable IT admins to activate and deactivate employee accounts, create groups that inform access rules, accelerate adoption of new tools, and more.

View our Directory Sync sample applications on GitHub:

Admin Portal Example Apps

The Admin Portal provides an out-of-the-box UI for IT admins to configure SSO and Directory Sync Connections.

View our Admin Portal sample applications on GitHub:

Magic Link Example Apps

Magic Link from WorkOS gives you the ability to build a secure passwordless authentication flow utilizing email. Send users a one-time-use link and let them sign in with a single click.

View our Magic Link sample applications on GitHub: