Single Sign-On

Redirect URI Guide

Learn how to set up authentication redirects for your app

Redirect URIs are required, allowlisted callback URLs. They indicate the URI to return an authorized user to after an authorization code is granted, and the authentication process is complete.

At least one Redirect URI must be provided and selected as a default.

When consuming the WorkOS API to integrate SSO into your product, you can expect an authorization token returned at this endpoint.

Redirect URIs take the general form

Create a Default Redirect URI

Step 1: Open the WorkOS Dashboard

Navigate to the Single Sign-On section.

Step 2: Go to the Configuration Tab

Click "Configuration" in the left-hand navigation menu to view a list of your Redirect URIs.

Step 3: Enter Your Redirect URI

Enter your Redirect URI(s), click "Save", and you're all set to start authenticating!