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Directory Sync (SCIM)

SCIM integration allows your app to provision or de-provision users automatically based on changes to your customer's user directory. This provides frictionless on-boarding for an entire organization and real-time user deactivation.

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Support Any Directory Provider

A single integration gives your application support for all of the most popular Directory Providers. WorkOS provides support for SCIM, Okta, Azure AD, Google GSuite, and many more.

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Get Updates Using Webhooks

Receive notifications in your app anytime your enterprise customer’s users or groups change. Provision or deprovision a single user, a select few groups, or an entire organization with ease.

SDKs in Every Language

WorkOS provides native SDKs to make integration as easy as possble. Start now with Python, Ruby, Go, NodeJS, and PHP, with many more languages on the way.

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